TravelJohnJunior | Disposable Urinal for Kids!


TravelJohn™ Jr. Disposable Urinal is perfect for families on the go! Whether for potty training, motion sickness or travel convenience. TravelJohn™ Jr. is a sanitary, compact solution made just for children when they have to go…because no one should have to hold it in!

The key ingredient in TravelJohn™ Jr. is LIQSORB®, a polymer substance that absorbs liquid waste and turns it into an odorless, non-toxic waste-disposal safe substance. This gel, combines with an inner, LIQSORB® non-woven fabric, polymer pouch to be disposed of in an easy, clean and safe manner. Plus, TravelJohn™ Jr. unisex adaptor makes it easy for anyone to use while sitting or standing, and the spill guard prevents back flow during use.

Standard Features

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