TravelJohnJunior | Disposable Urinal for Kids!

Perfect For

My wife and I love taking the kids camping. Unfortunately finding a suitable restroom for the kids can be a little tricky, especially at night. Since we discovered the #1 TravelJohn Jr. we spend less time looking for a safe place for the kids to go, and more time having fun as a family. Thanks for the convenience!

I have three children under the age of 9 and none of them can go more than 30 mins without having to pee. Even what should be short car trips, take forever, if one doesn’t have to go then I can guarantee that the other two do. This is why the TravelJohn Jr. is so perfect; I just keep a few in the car and when the kids have to go they can go…

I wanted you to know how much of a LIFE SAVER TravelJohn Jr. is! I have a 3 1/2 year-old daughter and road trips can be somewhat of a problem. Not any more. She is willing to use the TravelJohn Jr. and I was surprised on how easy it was for her to use. Your product is a no brainer. Thanks again. It works great!

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