My wife and I love taking the kids camping. Unfortunately finding a suitable restroom for the kids can be a little tricky, especially at night. Since we discovered the #1 TravelJohn Jr. we spend less time looking for a safe place for the kids to go, and more time having fun as a family. Thanks for the convenience!
- Family man in FL

I have three children under the age of 9 and none of them can go more than 30 mins without having to pee. Even what should be short car trips, take foreever, if one doesn't have to go then I can guarantee that the other two do. This is why the TravelJohn Jr. is so perfect; I just keep a few in the car and when the kids have to go they can go in the privacy of the car. It's safe and sanitary unlike all those gas station bathrooms and there's no hassle and no lost time. The TravelJohn Jr. is perfect for a mom on the go.
- Grateful Mom in GA

I wanted you to know how much of a LIFE SAVER TravelJohn Jr. is! I have a 31/2 year-old daughter and road trips can be somewhat of a problem. Not any more. She is willing to use the TravelJohn Jr. and I was surprised on how easy it was for her to use. our product is a no brainer. Thanks again. It works great!
- Pete in St. Petersburg
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